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We partner with companies that value innovation and entrepreneurship as essential components of their businesses success, creating a blueprint for a prosperous future.

our Investment Criteria

Through empowering progress, we inspire excellence.

We hold the belief that genuine collaboration and trust are the cornerstones of building enduring relationships that form the foundation of our path towards mutual success.

Our commitment extends to harnessing our extensive operational capabilities and a legacy deeply infused with entrepreneurial vision, as we work diligently to foster and propel a shared mission to new heights.


Our investment philosophy is personal and intentional. We target opportunities that generate value and drive positive change, focusing on meaningful and impactful investments with a clear purpose.

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Eric Lafferty

Founder and CEO

Samantha Stann

Vice President, Marketing

Jake Beoti

Vice President, Information Technology

Building great success stories, one investment at a time.

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April 1, 2024
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